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You gotta have a laugh

Just a few days ago, Annette – our head nurse came to me with a problem. She had decided to get in quick while the weather was good, and catch up on some clinic gardening. Unfortunately she only had her work uniform with her and she was bound to get a little dirty. She lives about 40minutes drive away from the clinic, so there was no time to race home for a change of clothes. What could she wear?

We found a solution promptly (as we know all nurses are quick problem solvers,) and dressed Annette up in true style:

‘Sponge Bob Square Pants’, bright sky blue surgical scrubs, red shoes and large sunnies. We then made sure we positioned her as close to the main road as possible, to hopefully help bring a smile to the faces of commuters passing by!

Now I promised I would make it up to Annette, and that as soon as we find some ‘Fraggle Rock’ scrubs to match that I would join her immediately.

(Ah What a shame, I dont think they are making that style yet!)


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