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Mrs Bird had a nasty mass removed from her abdomen yesterday, Nicki our Veterinary pathologist is looking at the cells today to see what it may have been. The surgery went smoothly and we kept her nice and warm post op, so she has recovered well. It took us a rather long time last night to sort out Mrs Bird’s head collar so she can’t peck her stitches,  but we finally made one out of x-ray film!


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Billy’s concerned owners brought him into our clinic when they found he couldn’t use his back legs.  After some xrays and tests that ruled out any broken bones, we told his owners that he may or may not gradually recover the use of his back legs. They were keen to hope for the best, and he has stayed at our clinic having all his needs cared for by the nurses and vets. He’d been with us for a few days when we had a great idea! Why not ask Elena (our animal physiotherapist) if she could do some physio and laser treatment on him? So far, Billy has had 3 treatments of physio and laser therapy, and he is slowly but surely improving! He now has withdrawal reflex in his back legs, and is gaining a bit more strength in them too. Elena has taught the nurses some exercises they can do with Billy a few times a day to help strengthen his muscles. We have all fallen in love with this brave little bunny, he’s sweet and friendly and will shuffle his way towards you, especially if you have some dandilion leaves! We will be updating our blog about his progress, and we all have our fingers crossed for his recovery.

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