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We have a new vet Stuart Mc Morrow, who is here for 6 months while Veronika is on maternity leave. He is on a year’s sabbatical after 10 years of service at a charity vet clinic in Scotland. Prior to NZ, he volunteered in a veterinary clinic in Fiji. Stuart’s interests are in surgery, orthopaedics, and reconstructive surgery. Also here with him are his wife and 2 children. Waiting for them back in Scotland are ‘Barney’ the border terrier, and ‘Marge’ their cat, who are being looked after by some very good friends. In his spare time, Stuart plays a bit of golf, goes running, and of course enjoys spending time with his family.


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Minnie’s Surgery

Last week, little Minnie was brought into our clinic with a foot that was dangling in a strange way!

We took an xray, and immediately saw that she had broken her radius and ulna. She was very brave the whole time.

After ordering in some tiny plates to repair her leg, our new vet Stuart Mc Morrow took her into surgery and plated the bones back together.

After surgery, she was quite sleepy that evening, but by the next morning she was bright and alert and eating breakfast with gusto!

We will be seeing her for post op checks, and monitoring her progress. All the best of luck Minnie! (in the photo below, the Left leg was the broken one, the Right leg has a IV line for fluids in it)

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