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Our Staff had a day of fun out on Lake Lyndon last Sunday.
Here’s a photo of Annette kayaking and her dog Kahn.
And here’s Annette on the water skis showing all us scared young nurses how it’s done!

Fabio with his dog Margot on the Kayak
Apparently it’s his first time on the wakeboard…but it’s hard to believe!

Catie and Vic have a screaming good time on the biscuit.

Catie tries out water skiing for the first time and does awesomely!

Heather’s dogs “Pippi” and “Tui” go for a brave ride in the biscuit


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Panting dog

It’s just been so HOT this summer! And it’s not just us humans that are being affected, our pets are feeling the heat too.

Here are 10 great tips for keeping your pets cool this summer: (in no particular order)

1. Clip long haired dogs and cats fur shorter

2. Create a shaded area, not just a tree, but even a shade cloth under a tree.

3. Give them a kiddie-pool to cool off in

4. Put water in an ice-cream container, throw in a few treats and freeze, then give it to your dog the next day as a frozen treat.

5. Always provide fresh water in a shaded area, and throw some ice cubes in there when you are home.

6. Special beds or vests with cooling gel can be purchased for dogs or cats

7. Instead of a hot walk, take them for a swim or play in the sprinklers, or have a  water fight with the hose.

8. Go for walks in the early morning or evening, and bring cold water in a bottle for drink breaks. Don’t forget that your dog can get scorched paw pads on the hot concerete during the heat of day!

9. Put sunscreen on their noses/ears, especially animals with white fur and pink skin

10. Never leave them in a car unattended during summer time.

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We have a new vet Stuart Mc Morrow, who is here for 6 months while Veronika is on maternity leave. He is on a year’s sabbatical after 10 years of service at a charity vet clinic in Scotland. Prior to NZ, he volunteered in a veterinary clinic in Fiji. Stuart’s interests are in surgery, orthopaedics, and reconstructive surgery. Also here with him are his wife and 2 children. Waiting for them back in Scotland are ‘Barney’ the border terrier, and ‘Marge’ their cat, who are being looked after by some very good friends. In his spare time, Stuart plays a bit of golf, goes running, and of course enjoys spending time with his family.

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Minnie’s Surgery

Last week, little Minnie was brought into our clinic with a foot that was dangling in a strange way!

We took an xray, and immediately saw that she had broken her radius and ulna. She was very brave the whole time.

After ordering in some tiny plates to repair her leg, our new vet Stuart Mc Morrow took her into surgery and plated the bones back together.

After surgery, she was quite sleepy that evening, but by the next morning she was bright and alert and eating breakfast with gusto!

We will be seeing her for post op checks, and monitoring her progress. All the best of luck Minnie! (in the photo below, the Left leg was the broken one, the Right leg has a IV line for fluids in it)

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Our clinic pets

Some vet clinics have a clinic cat that hangs around reception and cuddles up to clients. However our clinic is facing a very busy main road and despite the nurses being sorely tempted to keep the many stray kittens and cats we have had brought in, we have managed to resist the temptation.

However, we do have 2 clinic budgies. It started off with ‘Splat’ the blue budgie that had escaped and splatted into someone’s window. Then, a year or so later, when we were complaining how lonely Splat was getting, a client came in with a baby blue budgie saying it just fell out of a tree (it must have escaped from somewhere too) so we ended up keeping that one too as companion for Splat.

Our two budgies used to live in reception and they used to squawk and chirp at all our clients, as well as entertain the dogs and cats. Some people have asked where they are now? We had to move them into the staff room because they were getting a bit drafty from the air conditioners blowing into their cage. So there they live, in a sunny and warm room, squawking loudly over the top of us when we have staff meetings or just try to hold a conversation. And scattering their bird seed husks everywhere for us to clean up. It’s a pretty cruisy life. Image

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Rosie Has Hip Surgery

Rosie is a very sweet natured young cat who came into our clinic with a fractured acetabulum (hip socket). We gave her lots of pain relief and cuddles, and decided that she needed surgery to remove the femoral head (the ball that fits into the hip socket to join the hip and femur bone). This would prevent the femoral head from rubbing against the fractured acetabulum, which prevents painful arthiritis in the future. Rosie went through her hospital stay and surgery like a trouper, she kept up the good spirits and purred the whole time. The photo above is Rosie on the surgical table before being anaethetised. She has got some sedatives and pain relief on board, hence the slightly spacey eyes! We wish her all the best of luck for her recovery. Below is the radiograph taken of her hips, note the fracture of her hip socket on her Right side.

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Shorty is a loveable Maltese Terrier cross who arrived at our clinic very unwell. We found out that she had Pyometra (a uterine infection), and that same day we speyed her. Here she is for her post op check a few days later, doing very well. Now she is back to her normal happy self, and we are very pleased with the results. Isn’t she just a cutie?

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