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Panting dog

It’s just been so HOT this summer! And it’s not just us humans that are being affected, our pets are feeling the heat too.

Here are 10 great tips for keeping your pets cool this summer: (in no particular order)

1. Clip long haired dogs and cats fur shorter

2. Create a shaded area, not just a tree, but even a shade cloth under a tree.

3. Give them a kiddie-pool to cool off in

4. Put water in an ice-cream container, throw in a few treats and freeze, then give it to your dog the next day as a frozen treat.

5. Always provide fresh water in a shaded area, and throw some ice cubes in there when you are home.

6. Special beds or vests with cooling gel can be purchased for dogs or cats

7. Instead of a hot walk, take them for a swim or play in the sprinklers, or have a  water fight with the hose.

8. Go for walks in the early morning or evening, and bring cold water in a bottle for drink breaks. Don’t forget that your dog can get scorched paw pads on the hot concerete during the heat of day!

9. Put sunscreen on their noses/ears, especially animals with white fur and pink skin

10. Never leave them in a car unattended during summer time.


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Shorty is a loveable Maltese Terrier cross who arrived at our clinic very unwell. We found out that she had Pyometra (a uterine infection), and that same day we speyed her. Here she is for her post op check a few days later, doing very well. Now she is back to her normal happy self, and we are very pleased with the results. Isn’t she just a cutie?

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Update on Puppies

As was requested, here’s some pics of nurse Victoria’s mini dachshund puppies at 6 weeks old. By this time, they were running around, practicing their barks, whines, and cute puppy-dog eyes, and getting into a lot of mischief while looking ultra-adorable. The dapple girl is staying with the breeder, but the other two black and tan girls are now happy and settled in their new homes.

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Little Pomeranian Teddy came into our clinic with a very twisted looking foot after jumping from his owner’s arms, bouncing onto the sofa, and onto the floor. We immediately took him in and gave him pain relief and put him on IV fluid therapy for shock. When he was stable we sedated him for x-rays. The first x-ray view did not show any breaks, but a dislocated wrist area, which the vet manipulated and popped back into place. Here’s the x-ray below.

The second x-ray we took showed a fracture of the Radius and Ulna bones! As it was a pretty clean break, we put his leg in a cast. In another month’s time, it sh0uld be all nicely healed, as long as Teddy doesn’t do any more jumping!

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Christmas is only a few sleeps away, and Domino the miniature dachshund has received and destroyed his first Christmas teddy! Lots and lots of fluffy stuffing came out, then the squeaker. It was so much serious fun for him, it was almost worth the rag at the end. Just a note of caution if you are buying xmas toys for your pet, watch them with it to make sure they do not swallow the stuffing! (Domino did swallow some stuffing and his droppings came out all fuzzy….funny to talk about now, but he was lucky it did not block in his intestines.) Maybe we will try just edible treats in his stocking next year!

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But here are some cute pics of pets all dressed up for Halloween… Did you dress your pet?

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The Clinic’s New Year resolution this year was to write a new blog every week.


December and January have been immensely busy here at the clinic, with many unusual and interesting animals turning up on our doorstep. The vets and nurses have all been working long hours and extra fast to keep up.

At a recent visit, ‘Shaz’ reminded us all just how blissfully happy it would be to be a puppy!

All the excitement of her first vaccinations, and it was time for a wee sleepy.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) Shaz fell into her very deep slumper upon our reception counter desk.

Needless to say, it halted our work a little as we all just had to gather around and smile!

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