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Guy Fawkes can be a scary time for pets, there are loud bangs, crackles, and big bursts of light in the sky. The SPCA have released a checklist of things we can do to minimise their anxiety and prevent any runaways during fireworks time.

SPCA Auckland’s Guy Fawkes Checklist:

1. Stay home with your pet – they’ll be less stressed with someone they trust
close by.

2.Keep them indoors – where they won’t see the flashes and the bangs will be
muffled. Close doors and windows and draw the curtains.

3. Put a collar and registration tag on your dog – if your dog panics and bolts,
it will help rescuers reunite you.

4. Move horses and farm animals away from fireworks – and make sure all fences
are secure. Stable horses where possible.

5. Take special care of elderly or nervous pets – consult your vet for the best
advice on keeping them calm.

6. If your animal goes missing, please contact your local vet clinics and SPCA,
and register your lost pet at http://www.petsonthenet.co.nz.


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