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Bathing Ratty

This post has appeared on numerous websites including ‘Cute Overload‘ and ‘The PETA Files‘ in the last few days, and since it has given us so many smiles, we just had to dedicate a post to it and the rodents that have affected our lives.

Having owned dozens of rats between us, we can vouch for them as a wonderful addition to pet owning families. Not to mention their cute twitchy noses and tiny fingers, they also have inquisitive personalities and extremely big hearts. They desire attention and communication, but beware – their fast metabolised, short lives end very abruptly and are felt by all.

A Rat Poem By Dr. Seuss

If your ratty gets all scatty ‘cos his coat is getting matty
And he’s acting kinda batty now he doesn’t look so natty
If he starts to get all chatty and to voice pratty demands
Then beware! You’ve got a bratty tatty ratty on your hands.

If your doe has had a go with all her bro’ bucks in a row
And you’ve seen her face aglow and her belly grow with woe
If she’s getting glad and gloating and gargantuous in girth
Then at any time you guess that your grand girl is gonna birth

If your buck has had no luck getting his lazy butt unstuck
And you pluck him from his hammock to a chorus of “You suck!”
If his flaccid furry form is in a squishy slug disguise
Then it’s right to get this roly rotund rat some exercise.

– Dr Seuss

This Dr Seuss poem and many other beautiful rat memories are shared on this lovely website:   Must.Love.Rats


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Here is a visual timeline of the last 6 weeks or so!

Who wants a kitten?! They are taking over! Every time the ward door is opened – a stream of mischievious kittens pours out and mahem breaks loose. 😀

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Summer time is often a very busy and sleepless season for vets and nurses, as we spend weeks on end hand raising new babies, and orphaned or unwanted litters of the season. This summer had been reasonably quiet, until a stray tabby decided to bring a little excitement into the clinic.

It was two and a half weeks ago that a very rotund tabby cat was carried in to the clinic. She was heavily pregnant and looked like she was going to pop at any time! The man that brought her in had discovered her in his garden and, worried about her predicament, had brought her to us. We dropped a few flyers off around the neighbours, put up posters, phoned the spca, placed an advert on ‘trade me’ and waited…

Meanwhile, ‘Mumma Cat’ was given a snuggly bed in the hospital and a never ending supply of food, treats and cuddles. We were sure someone would to turn up at any time to claim their baby (and her babies), as she was the happiest, most affectionate and trusting visitor we could have dreamed of. Before long, she was upgraded to one of the extra large cages in another ward so that she could stretch out her ever increasing tummy and have some ‘quiet time’. (Actually, the quiet time was also for the other patients, as she tended to chat away to us any time we would walk past!)

As time went by, it became apparent that mumma’s owners weren’t coming, and so we phoned the spca, who said they could take her on in their cattery, and rehome her and the kittens when all were born.

There was however, one problem. Mumma cat had put a spell on us all. Her nature was astounding. Meowing to us every time we walked passed the door because she wanted cuddles, smooching everything in site, and every day her tummy getting bigger and bigger!

So mumma stayed…


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The first Cesarian at ATV.

We had our first puppies born at the clinic on the 23rd September. Six beautiful Boxer puppies with big round noses and wriggly bottoms! The mother ‘Poppy’ went into labour at 1.30 in the morning, but unfortunately – after many hours of panting and only a few contractions, nothing had happened. We rushed Poppy into an emergency cesarean surgery and all hands were on deck as nurses, vets and family all helped. We are very pleased to announce that all six pups and their mother recovered from the surgery very well and within half an hour of the final suture going in, they were suckling happily and all snuggled up in the kennel.


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The Open Day

Our official open day was held on the first Sunday after we moved – fathers day, and we had a blast! The doors were opened with a couple of speeches and the official ‘cutting of the ribbon’, and we spent a wonderful, sunny day celebrating with a glass of bubbly, children’s activities, music and competitions.

Click here to see some of the images of the day. (a big thankyou to Louise Ayling for her beautiful photos!)

A moment in history


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The building at nightThe building at nightThe building at nightThe reception at nightThe waiting room at nightAll Moved In!

This our first blog post ever! (I can now see why we chose animal care over computer science!)

We have been in the new clinic for 50 days, and after rattling around in the huge building for a few weeks, we are finally finding a place for everything (and everyone) and settling in to this fantastic space.

The move only took two days, thanks to the awesome group of friends that helped us. There is a great feeling in this sunny, spacious building and everyone’s spirits are high. We are very excited, as we begin this new journey and for all the wonderful animals and people that we will meet on the way.

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