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Bathing Ratty

This post has appeared on numerous websites including ‘Cute Overload‘ and ‘The PETA Files‘ in the last few days, and since it has given us so many smiles, we just had to dedicate a post to it and the rodents that have affected our lives.

Having owned dozens of rats between us, we can vouch for them as a wonderful addition to pet owning families. Not to mention their cute twitchy noses and tiny fingers, they also have inquisitive personalities and extremely big hearts. They desire attention and communication, but beware – their fast metabolised, short lives end very abruptly and are felt by all.

A Rat Poem By Dr. Seuss

If your ratty gets all scatty ‘cos his coat is getting matty
And he’s acting kinda batty now he doesn’t look so natty
If he starts to get all chatty and to voice pratty demands
Then beware! You’ve got a bratty tatty ratty on your hands.

If your doe has had a go with all her bro’ bucks in a row
And you’ve seen her face aglow and her belly grow with woe
If she’s getting glad and gloating and gargantuous in girth
Then at any time you guess that your grand girl is gonna birth

If your buck has had no luck getting his lazy butt unstuck
And you pluck him from his hammock to a chorus of “You suck!”
If his flaccid furry form is in a squishy slug disguise
Then it’s right to get this roly rotund rat some exercise.

– Dr Seuss

This Dr Seuss poem and many other beautiful rat memories are shared on this lovely website:   Must.Love.Rats


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