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Just as the shakes seem to be easing off, Christchurch (and the rest of New Zealand) was hit by a bitterly cold blast and heavy snow falls – even Auckland had snow! The blizzards caused many power outages over Christchurch and snowed everyone without a four-wheeled drive vehicle into their homes. ‘At the Vets’ Nurses were all ‘forced’ to stay home on the Monday, building snowmen and making snow Angels – whilst our Cattery Manager and Vet nurse Kerry moved in so that she could be here for her cattery cats and clinic emergencies. Our Veterinarian also trudged through the snow to come to the clinic for an emergency operation on a very unwell Australian Kelpie.

A huge thanks to Jason who volunteered his time and vehicle so we could open!It’s funny how one big dump of snow in the middle of winter immediately turns everyone into kids and lifts our spirits!

Those of us who managed to make it to the clinic on the Tuesday the 16th August had so much fun! A lovely man named Jason had volunteered his 4WD and time on the radio for people who were stuck, so we called him up, and he ferried us, our gear, families and pets accross Christchurch so that we could open the clinic to any needy animals!

We did get through a few surgeries, but not until we had cleared some snow from the driveway and car park, and frolicked around making a snowman, snow bunnies and throwing the odd snowball!

Meanwhile, the cattery cats watched out their windows whilst snuggled in their fluffy beds. I am sure they wondered what craziness had come to us all!

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