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This afternoon 3 young women came in with a cat wrapped in a blanket. They told us they had accidentally run it over with their car.

So, what happens at a vet clinic when someone brings in a cat/dog that’s been injured and there is no name tag or microchip for us to find the owner?

Firstly we dealt with the comfort of the cat. Assessed it’s pain. It’s a young female cat, she can’t walk and looks like it may have a broken pelvis. So we gave her pain relief and a tiny bit of sedative.  Then, we called the SPCA. The SPCA agreed to fund us some money to treat the cat with fluids (for shock and dehydration), pain relief, and vet assessment. So, we are going to keep her comfortable overnight and hope that her owners ring around the vet clinics and look for her. Otherwise, we might call other vet clinics around Christchurch tomorrow and see if anyone has reported a young female tabby missing. In cases like this, you can see why it is so useful to just microchip your pets.


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