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This year, we have been inundated with hedgehogs!

We have to admit that some of us are crazy about hedgehogs (as well as everything else!) Here are a few things we have learned about hedgehogs and a few photos of our latest prickly visitors:

These little creatures are harmless to humans and being nocturnal, normally only forage at night. If you see a hedgehog out during the day, it often is because the hedgehog is unwell and needs attention however, if it is during the warmer months, or early in the evening, it may also be out scavenging for food for its babies. All hedgehogs can hibernate but whether they will or not depends on temperature and availability of food.

Their main diet consists of snails, insects, worms and berries. They are scavengers for food and quite often get themselves into trouble by hibernating in compost heaps. They eat a LOT! Up to 200 grams of insects a night if they are given the chance! They also eat small land-based bird eggs and lizards and are frowned upon in areas where wildlife such as the Kiwi is protected.



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