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Our clinic pets

Some vet clinics have a clinic cat that hangs around reception and cuddles up to clients. However our clinic is facing a very busy main road and despite the nurses being sorely tempted to keep the many stray kittens and cats we have had brought in, we have managed to resist the temptation.

However, we do have 2 clinic budgies. It started off with ‘Splat’ the blue budgie that had escaped and splatted into someone’s window. Then, a year or so later, when we were complaining how lonely Splat was getting, a client came in with a baby blue budgie saying it just fell out of a tree (it must have escaped from somewhere too) so we ended up keeping that one too as companion for Splat.

Our two budgies used to live in reception and they used to squawk and chirp at all our clients, as well as entertain the dogs and cats. Some people have asked where they are now? We had to move them into the staff room because they were getting a bit drafty from the air conditioners blowing into their cage. So there they live, in a sunny and warm room, squawking loudly over the top of us when we have staff meetings or just try to hold a conversation. And scattering their bird seed husks everywhere for us to clean up. It’s a pretty cruisy life. Image


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We saw Mrs Bird again earlier in the week for the removal of her stitches. She has recovered very well from her surgery and her surgical area has healed nicely. Yay!

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Mrs Bird had a nasty mass removed from her abdomen yesterday, Nicki our Veterinary pathologist is looking at the cells today to see what it may have been. The surgery went smoothly and we kept her nice and warm post op, so she has recovered well. It took us a rather long time last night to sort out Mrs Bird’s head collar so she can’t peck her stitches,  but we finally made one out of x-ray film!

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