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Summer time is often a very busy and sleepless season for vets and nurses, as we spend weeks on end hand raising new babies, and orphaned or unwanted litters of the season. This summer had been reasonably quiet, until a stray tabby decided to bring a little excitement into the clinic.

It was two and a half weeks ago that a very rotund tabby cat was carried in to the clinic. She was heavily pregnant and looked like she was going to pop at any time! The man that brought her in had discovered her in his garden and, worried about her predicament, had brought her to us. We dropped a few flyers off around the neighbours, put up posters, phoned the spca, placed an advert on ‘trade me’ and waited…

Meanwhile, ‘Mumma Cat’ was given a snuggly bed in the hospital and a never ending supply of food, treats and cuddles. We were sure someone would to turn up at any time to claim their baby (and her babies), as she was the happiest, most affectionate and trusting visitor we could have dreamed of. Before long, she was upgraded to one of the extra large cages in another ward so that she could stretch out her ever increasing tummy and have some ‘quiet time’. (Actually, the quiet time was also for the other patients, as she tended to chat away to us any time we would walk past!)

As time went by, it became apparent that mumma’s owners weren’t coming, and so we phoned the spca, who said they could take her on in their cattery, and rehome her and the kittens when all were born.

There was however, one problem. Mumma cat had put a spell on us all. Her nature was astounding. Meowing to us every time we walked passed the door because she wanted cuddles, smooching everything in site, and every day her tummy getting bigger and bigger!

So mumma stayed…



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